Promoting Smart Farming.

Customer Service

To promote strong and beneficial relationships with all existing and
prospective customers.


We encourage unity of purpose and
always stress that the team effort is stronger than individual input

Social Responsibility

We shall invest in social
programs that uplift and strengthen the
communities we operate in.

Smart Farm Management Service

Smart farm management services , a consultant and farm manager outsourcing service which is helping small scale farmers that can’t afford to employ a full time farm manager, the
aspiring farmers who are new into the business and the diaspora farmers, those that owns farms back in Zimbabwe

Farmbuzz Livestock Tech

We have the state of the art AI equipment which we are using for Artificial Insemination services. We also have livestock pregnant diagnosis services which is helping farmers in the dairy industry. AI is most common method of breeding intensively for kept domestic livestock, such as dairy cattle, pigs and turkeys

Smart farming technology

We are helping farmers to spray crop chemicals using drones

Farm Equipment Hiring services

We have developed an online site that will allow farmers to buy ,sell and find farm equipment for hiring near their locations. This service is also coming with a timely delivery of farm Inputs purchased through our platform

Let’s work together on your next farm project